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Merdeka Capital Limited trading services adopt AMS/3 technology enabling you to trade stocks via Internet or phone conveniently. Merdeka Capital Limited provides you with flexible stock trading channels.
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Merdeka Capital Limited is registered in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong as an exchange participant and licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (CE No.: AGV419) since 2002. We have cherished the spirit of Client-Oriented approach by offering speedy, convenient and reliable securities trading services to clients. Leveraging on our extensive experience and expertise on securities trading, Merdeka Capital Limited is also actively engaged in share placement and IPO subscription activities, custodian and nominee services.

  Merdeka Capital Limited launched a brand new Online Securities Trading service. Clients are able to trade stocks anywhere via our internet trading platform, manage portfolio and access any stock-related information at a glance. Clients can operate their own accounts through the advanced system, and enjoy the flexible securities trading services in a timely and convenient manner.  
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